as you never imagined

Enjoy a nice, entertaining and kind ride, and at the same time get to know the emblematic parts of Sevilla as well as those places that would take you years to find.

Why cycling?


Sevilla is a flat city, enjoys an excellent climate and has over 110 kmts of bike lane. That makes the bike the best way of moving, for we will visit many places which are forbidden to cars or coaches.

Why by bike?

Because it's not only joyfull and original, we can also access more distance in less time and with less effort and get to places we wouldn't reach by car or coach.


Moving around by bike is an aerobic, cardiovascular exercise of low impact to the joints. Everyday more and more people are using the bike as our main urban transportation system.


We just need to pedal at a leisurely pace and enjoy the views of Sevilla without having to pay fuel for propulsión. We include in our tour a bottle of fresh mineral wáter, for you to ride the ten kilometers in full confort.


The philosophy of our firm for twenty years is moving over wheels and respecting the planet Earth impulsing ourselves by cinetic energy, without use of any kind of contaminating engine.


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