Solve your doubts

Suitable for whom?

Everyone! Our bikes are confortable and adjustable to any size, height,or weight, as well as any age. We have children bikes, baby chairs, and even tándem  bikes for those who wish to pedal in couple.

Do we enter museums or monuments?

NO, ours are open air tours for you to know the ambience, daily life, culture and habits of the sevilians…
But our guides will let you know about the History of Sevilla and the thousand stories of every corner, informing you as well of all about the monuments in our way, and will help you organize the visits after our excursion.
As the “tapas” are part of our tradition, we will inform you of the best places for you to try later.

Do we need to reserve?

Monday to Friday you don´t need to make reservations for the “Morning tour”. For “Sunset tour” and “Private Tour”, it is necessary to reserve via phone or mail, informing us of the type of tour, number of people and day of the tour.

Where is our meeting point?

At ten thirty in our Sevilla Bike Tour and Mak in line Shop, which is  (since 1995) in Calle Arjona, number 8,  between the Triana bridge and the bus station Plaza de Armas.

Will it be cancelled in case of rain?

Sevilla has a wonderful climate with 330 days of sun every year, but if it rains, we recommend to delay or cancel the tour.

If you have any questions we have not answered, please contact us, We are happy to help.